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Ahoy! Schedule Ho!

Very simple: our schedule is up and ready to be viewed. The times are subject to change, but this should at least give you an idea of what you can expect at Unity 2014. I’m pretty excited myself, I must say.

We’ve also updated our poster, as well as the “Theme and Logo” section. Read the story of how they came together and how we hope they will inspire the weekend. You can find it in the “About” section under “About Unity 2014.”

That’s all folks! Stay classy.

God bless,

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator


A Unity 2014 Christmas Greeting

Just in case you didn’t get enough from that, here’s another Christmas video for your perusal!

Convinced? If you still need more encouragement to join us for Unity 2014 in Camrose, check out the new videos we have added to the Media heading. And again, Христос Раждається! Christ is Born!

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator