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Speaker Spotlight: Sr. Zoe Bernatsky, SSMI

As I was saying, we have some fabulous speakers lined up for our long weekend during Unity 2014. First up in the Speaker Spotlight: Sr. Zoe Bernatsky, SSMI.


Sr. Zoe will be doing a talk on ethical issues related to reproductive technology. In her own words she says:

The musical “Mamma Mia” presents some modern challenges of mothers, fathers, and daughters!  Sophie hopes to successfully identify her father so that he can walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.  The theology of marriage as presented in the Vatican II document Gaudium et spes embraces the essence of marriage as the mutual love and communion of the spouses.  While this ideal guides our exploration of the ethical issues related to human reproduction, the Catholic tradition also reinforces the importance of a well-informed conscience as a guide for action when we find ourselves in ethically challenging situations. 

Turns out Sr. Zoe is no stranger when it comes to things medical or theological. Check out her credentials!

Sr. Zoe Bernatsky, SSMI holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, a Master’s Degree in Health Administration from the University of Toronto, a Master’s in Theological Studies, and a Licentiate and Doctorate in Moral Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, CA.   She is presently a professor of Pastoral Theology at Newman College in Edmonton, AB.  

Now that’s what I call a strong woman of faith!

God bless,

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator