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Core Team Spotlight: Robyn Watt

Time for another spotlight on one of our Core Team members. This week? The ever-present Robyn Watt!


Robyn, you show up rain or shine for every core team meeting, so you must have a great deal of love for the work you’re putting into Unity 2014. What is it that make you excited for Unity this August?
I’m excited for a change of pace from everyday work life – a break from my routine to spend several days focusing on faith.

That’s a really great point; I bet a lot of people would love to get away from the real world for a bit to focus on something different. It’s great that you want to use this time developing your faith. Is there anything specifically that you’re looking forward to during this most epic of weekends?
I’m most looking forward to hopefully seeing some familiar faces from Holy Eucharist Church in Toronto at Unity this summer! And hearing Bishop David speak about Pope Francis! And the picnic after Liturgy on Sunday!

Wow, that’s a lot of things to look forward to! Hopefully our team lives up to your expectations. Speaking of the core team, what is your job in planning Unity 2014?
Compiling and editing the Unity program book.

Nice! That’s a really big job but I know you’ll do a wonderful job with the book. Hey, maybe you can sneak your name in there somewhere so that everyone knows that the book was all yours, eh? I’m just kidding. Anyway, do you have any final wisdom for those who are on the fence about attending Unity 2014?
If you’re on the fence about attending, I’d try to convince you to come by telling you that Camrose is a really pretty town (they have a lake with swans!). And that Unity is a great chance to be part of the larger Ukrainian Catholic community in Canada.

Well, there you have it, folks, the lovely Robyn Watt! Stay tuned for our next Core Team Spotlight and Speaker Spotlight, coming soon to a computer near you (well, in front of you would be preferable).

Peace and God Bless,



Core Team Spotlight: Beth Mayko

As we’re gearing up for Unity 2014, I thought I’d ask the Core Team some questions about the final stretch towards Unity planning, what they look forward to and where you can find them during this fantastically wonderful event. First up, Beth!


Now, Beth, tell the audience where you fit in with the Unity 2014 Planning Team.
I am Millie’s third in command on the Unity committee. Basically a little bit of everything and lots of delegating!

Wow, third in command, eh? That’s got to be a lot of responsibility. No doubt you’re quite busy seeing that everything gets done right and lickety-split. Though I’m sure you’re quite tired, I have no doubt you’re looking forward to Unity 2014. What are you looking forward to most?
I am most looking forward to re-connecting with all of the many wonderful people that I have met at past Unities.

Yeah, great people always seem to show up at Unity. But if I remember correctly, you were hesitant about attending Unity in ’09 because you didn’t really know anyone. How would you try to convince someone to come to Unity who was thinking of attending but a bit nervous to make the trek?
Unity is a great opportunity to learn about and embrace your faith, putting you in company with others trying to do the same. It is so uplifting to talk with others going through some of the same life challenges and who encourage you to keep having faith.

Definitely great advice, and so much more poignant coming from someone who was in those shoes previously. Any last words? Where can participants find you at Unity in August?
You will find me running around all over the place at Unity! Feel free to stop me at any time if you need anything or just want to chat!

You heard her, folks! And keep posted! Not only will I be posting up these interviews with our Planning Team, but our speakers are pretty awesome too. Check out some info about Sr. Zoe Bernatsky who will be talking about Ethical Issues Surrounding Reproductive Technology.

God bless and stay awesome!

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator

Checking out Augustana

A few weeks ago, our fearless core team traveled to Camrose to check out the Facilities for Unity 2014 at the Augustana Campus. When asked for stories about the weekend, this was what was sent in:

Damian: “We tried to play a board game called Nuns on the Run, which we called Nuns with the Runs. It was so complicated that we spent 45 minutes trying to set up the board and explain the rules. We gave up and never played it. I was upset. It was quite the frustrating ordeal. Cyril was like ‘can we just make up our own game with the pieces?'”537275_10202102598827581_645698874_aAndrew: “I drove three team members to Camrose with a flat tire while not telling them anything was wrong. Yeah it was pretty fun going around highway corners.”

Just further proof of the wacky, awesome people we’ve got on our core team! You absolutely cannot be bored with this crew! But just in case you need some proof of how serious they can be, Cyril posted: “We had a long debate about our scripture verse.” You can find that verse here. Erin also talks about some obstacles they came across: “We went to see a conference room that was more “restricted” than the restricted section in the Hogwarts library. If we moved anything, we wouldn’t be allowed to have Unity in the facility.”

Here are some pictures of other things that went down in Cam-to-the-rose:


Cool as a cucumber


Moving in


Facilities and nature: classic!


Another view of Augustana


Monkeying around




Getting down to business, Bible in hand


Walking off into the horizon

Don’t you all totally want to register now??? Click on the registration form today! Don’t delay (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it)! I must admit, I’m getting pretty stoked myself.

God bless,

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator

P.s. T minus exactly 10 months! Woohoo!