Speaker Spotlight: Carol and Eric Batty & Fr. Daniel Wach, OSBM

Last one, everyone! We are only 3 days away from Unity 2014 and all of here at the Unity 2014 Core Team are super stoked for this fabulous long weekend of events we’ve got planned. Another great reason to register if you haven’t yet (yes, we are still taking registrations): Carol and Eric Batty & Fr. Daniel Wach!

10564886_10204155736154731_1220220021_nWe are very excited to have Carol and Eric with us to give a session on making a marriage work when there is a cultural divide, not only for their personal experience with the Ukrainian Catholic faith, but also because two of their children (Margaret and Catherine) are working on Unity as well. Here’s what they have to say about their session:

Eric immigrated to Canada at the age of 19. He spent time in several cities either being educated or working. Fate (or actually a wedding) introduced him to his future wife, Carol, a practicing Ukrainian Catholic. Would love be enough for a non-believer and a faith-filled individual? We welcome you to follow a story of strength, understanding, three children, and a lot of fun along the way.

Sounds like quite the thriller, if you ask me! Speaking of thrillers, I would consider The Bible to be of the same quality, you know, with all the blood and guts and misbehaving going on in it (in the Old Testament anyway). I will admit, however, that’s it’s been tricky for me to really get into the Bible. so it’s a good thing we have Fr. Daniel Wach, OSBM, to give Unity participants some tips on how it was put together and how we can relate to something written thousands of years ago.


As for the man himself, Fr. Daniel writes:

Fr. Daniel Wach, OSBM was born and raised in Winnipeg. He received bachelor degrees in: agriculture (Manitoba), philosophy (Rome) and Theology (Rome). He has been a member of the order of St. Basil the Great for 37 years and has served as a priest for 30 years in Western Canada. He has a great love for study-ing and teaching the sacred scriptures and spending a day in a “poustenia” (hermitage) in the woods of the Mundare farm. Currently he is the director of the Basili-an Fathers House of Studies in Edmonton and the pastor of the Ukrainian Catholic Parishes in the Lamont district.
A very learned man, indeed, so no doubt he can shed some light on our most foundational document.
Seriously, folks, we are now counting down with more vigour and anticipation, and I hope you all feel the same.
T-2 days, 21 hours. Eek!
Joyanne 😀

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