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I saw this pop up in my feed today and thought I’d share it with you lot:







When I typed in ‘women need’ and ‘women should’ into Google myself, the auto-search was indeed similar. If you type the same thing for men, nothing pops up in the auto-search. As a woman in the church who is still finding her way, this distressed me, especially the last auto-search option in the third photo. What are we as young adults in the church going to do to change this perception? Because it is out there.

Something to think about leading up to Unity 2014!

Peace, Christ is Risen, and all that jazz!

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator

P.s. If you want to see the article where these advertisements originally came from, click here.


Seems Like A Good Idea, Eh?

I know this is from way over in Saskatchewan, but our lovely friend and Youth Minister, Sophia Nahachewsky, posts about “Mission Days” on the new Eparchy of Saskatoon Youth Ministry blog. “Mission Days” is a 10 day spiritual pilgrimage moving from the Feast of the Ascension to the Feast of Pentecost. For 10 days only Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk invites us all to work through specific readings in The Acts of the Apostles to renew our spirit and focus more deeply on our faith. It looks pretty interesting, so I thought I’d let you all in on this not-much-of-a-secret, since we’ll all be at Unity 2014 in just a few short months! Think of these 10 days as the beginning to your preparation for Unity 2014.

I’m sure going to do this. Who’s with me?

God bless and Christ is Risen!

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator

P.s. Did I mention we start this tomorrow???!!! Be there or be square!

Crunch Time!

I know, I know… very little has been going up on our blog for the past couple months, but I assure you the team is working tirelessly to make sure Unity 2014 is the best it can possibly be. For example, if you go to our home page you’ll notice that we now have a very nice video that explains what Unity is all about. Take the 5 minutes and check it out; it may answer some questions. If you’ve still got questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email through our contact form under “Contact Us.”

Watch out for the Unity Planning Team as they travel to a church near you! Though we’d love to hit every parish across Canada, the team will be focusing on doing promotional tours across Alberta during the month of June. If you’d like to promote Unity at your parish, hit up our contact form; we’d love to help you out!

More new stuff: the sessions we will be offering are up and ready to peruse! I’m really excited about all of these sessions and wish I could go to all of them (though I probably won’t get to go to any since the team will no doubt be running around behind the scenes). I suppose I’ll just have to content myself with living vicariously through all of you lucky participants! I truly believe we’re offering something for everyone, so take note of which sessions interest you most so you’re ready to make that decision when the time comes.

In addition to our sessions, you’ll notice a page on speakers. They’re not all up yet, but I urge you to read about our wonderful facilitator, Fr. Slavko Dumec, and check back often as more bios and pictures get posted. Seriously, folks, we’ve got some great speakers lined up for you, that’s for sure!

Information about the Post-Unity Tour is coming up, so check back under the “Unity 2014” tab to find out more about that.

I think that’s about it! Register, register, register (hopefully we’ll have the e-transfer account linked and ready to soon)! Stay tuned and stay classy!

Christ is Risen!

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator