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The Reel Thing

We’re really getting on a roll! Check out some videos we’ve now got posted on our YouTube page under “Videos” in the “Media” section at the top of the page. Enjoy!

God bless,

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator


Checking out Augustana

A few weeks ago, our fearless core team traveled to Camrose to check out the Facilities for Unity 2014 at the Augustana Campus. When asked for stories about the weekend, this was what was sent in:

Damian: “We tried to play a board game called Nuns on the Run, which we called Nuns with the Runs. It was so complicated that we spent 45 minutes trying to set up the board and explain the rules. We gave up and never played it. I was upset. It was quite the frustrating ordeal. Cyril was like ‘can we just make up our own game with the pieces?'”537275_10202102598827581_645698874_aAndrew: “I drove three team members to Camrose with a flat tire while not telling them anything was wrong. Yeah it was pretty fun going around highway corners.”

Just further proof of the wacky, awesome people we’ve got on our core team! You absolutely cannot be bored with this crew! But just in case you need some proof of how serious they can be, Cyril posted: “We had a long debate about our scripture verse.” You can find that verse here. Erin also talks about some obstacles they came across: “We went to see a conference room that was more “restricted” than the restricted section in the Hogwarts library. If we moved anything, we wouldn’t be allowed to have Unity in the facility.”

Here are some pictures of other things that went down in Cam-to-the-rose:


Cool as a cucumber


Moving in


Facilities and nature: classic!


Another view of Augustana


Monkeying around




Getting down to business, Bible in hand


Walking off into the horizon

Don’t you all totally want to register now??? Click on the registration form today! Don’t delay (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it)! I must admit, I’m getting pretty stoked myself.

God bless,

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator

P.s. T minus exactly 10 months! Woohoo!

Registration Now Open!

That’s right, ladies and gents! The time has finally come for you to start seriously thinking about where you’re going to be next August from the 14-17. To make the decision easier for you, the registration form for Unity 2014 is now ready to be opened, filled out, and sent back to our smiling faces! You’ll find the form under the new Documents tab on the menu.

A couple things to especially take note of: in addition to attending Unity 2014, you have the option to partake in the Post-Unity Tour of Banff and Drumheller from August 17-21! Take heed from someone who is missing the Rocky Mountains: this is going to be one trip you don’t want to miss! The mountains are truly some of Canada’s finest and the little chapel in Drumheller is so cute! Besides, once Unity is over, you will find it went by waaaaay too fast and will wish you had just a little more time with all the amazing people you’ve just met; the Post-Unity Tour is that extra time.

The other exciting thing we’re looking into is a PayPal account so you won’t have to send in a cheque by mail or give your credit card over the phone, thereby giving you peace of mind and security. It’s not quite set up yet, but rest assured when it is, I’ll have the info up and ready for you! In the meantime, you are more than welcome to send in your registration money the old-fashioned way.

On that note I leave you, and I hope that you have an amazing and blessed Thanksgiving!

God bless,

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator


Unity is 10 months away. 10 months!

It’s coming! It’s really coming and we’re less than a year away from this amazing event! I know our core team has been working hard planning a wonderful retreat for you all and I will hopefully have an account of their progress within the next week. For now, check out the new Promo Material page for posters and the like which will continue getting updated as more information comes streaming in. Also, if you haven’t done so already, mark your calendars! And if you happen to get lost, check back to view the Countdown on the right hand sidebar to keep yourself posted.

That’s about it for now! I leave you with these pictures from our Unity Visioning Retreat way back in November 2012!

Take care and God Bless!

Joyanne, Unity 2014 Website Facilitator

Posing with decorum

Posing with decorum

It's only been a weekend and already we want to kill each other... I mean... Can't you feel the love?

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